A World of Its Own - 1993

1993, my partner, Belinda Magee, produced a small booklet about Bermondsey Street which was titled 'A World of Its Own'. This took the form of a guided walk from Hayes Galleria to Grange Walk and I made the images for the booklet. Those were made using paper negatives, in part to reflect the area's age in the use of an older, slower photographic method. 60 and 90 second exposures meant that few people were recorded in the images.

Today, in 2010, 'A World of Its Own' describes the area in the lull between the property crash of 1990/91 and the development frenzy which started in the mid 1990s and which continues today albeit at a slower pace. The booklet gives some indication of the development tsunami which has overwhelmed the area, particularly noticeable in the image of the Bermondsey Antiques Market.

To be continued.............