Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The White Cube Gallery

Last weekend I visited Bermondsey Street and, thanks to 'running man', found out that the White Cube was taking over the ex-Recall warehouse as a gallery space for the next 15 years. The site was originally (late 1800s) a 5 or 6 storey warehouse in the style of the Shiva building (originally Tempo Leatherworks). In the mid 1970s a warehouse was built on the site which originally housed the Radio Times Distribution Centre. The building was empty for some years until (from memory) 1992 when it was taken over by 'Sol Beer', the people who invented the slice of lime in the neck. Sol went bust in the mid 1990s and the building was taken over by Recall.

In 1979, Denyer Associates envisaged a more open courtyard than the one that was built and, some 40 years later, the White Cube will open the yard out to embrace the street.

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