Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The new millenium

One of the large sites on the west side of Tower Bridge Road was, originally, a privately owned antiques market which ran in parallel with the more formal market on Bermondsey Sq. In 2001 the site was in the process of redevelopment
Copyright Niall Connolly.

Simon the Tanner, on Long Lane, was, at one time, a free-standing building. This image shows the beginning of the process whereby Simon the Tanner was subsumed into the canyon that is now Long Lane.
Copyright Niall Connolly

At the far end of Royal Oak Yard, on the south side, stands a concrete decked building which was originally a meat processing building. This was converted into apartments and in 2001 the owner added an additional three floors.
Copyright Niall Connolly

A view of Tower Bridge Road during the demolition of the building adjacent to The Raven public house.
Copyright Niall Connolly

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