Saturday, 6 October 2012

Breton House, Snowsfields, Tanner St and St Thomas St

Breton House, The Grange near Abbey St. Canary Wharf in the distance. Copyright Niall Connolly
This block, and blocks like it, are quite fascinating. Why? Because, like the Lloyds Building, some of their inner workings are visible from the outside. In this case, its the staircase and the rubbish chute that is open to the world, like a cut-away drawing from The Eagle. And the light helps.

Walter Coles Polythene Bags - manufacturing in Tanner St. Copyright Niall Connolly.

The junction of Snowsfields and St Thomas St. In the background is the control box for London Bridge Station.
Copyright Niall Connolly

John Adams Printers, No.4 Tanner St, before it gained an additional floor. Copyright Niall Connolly.

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