Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Printers Yard, GIFCO, Sarsons and Tyers Gate

The view across the Printers Yard (175 Bermondsey St) after the demolition of the Bickels buildings, with Scott Colour in the foreground and the Rankins Building in the middle distance to the left. Copyright Niall Connolly

A ground level view of the Printers Yard after the demolition of Bickels. Copyright Niall Connolly

The rear elevation of the General Iron Foundry Company (GIFCO) building with the archway leading to Royal Oak Yard. Copyright Niall Connolly.

High level view looking down into the Sarsons Vinegar Works from the east side of Tower Bridge Rd.
Copyright Niall Connolly

Tyers Gate looking east towards the Arpino Gibbs building. On the left is the steel frame of the 'Dwarf House', so called because the developer squeezed 5 floors into a development intended for 4. Copyright Niall Connolly.

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